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Zoomio Plus is a powerful service that can help businesses with unsatisfied or obsolete websites and digital marketing projects bring them back to life and make them accurate and valuable.


These days, we are observing that businesses are spending tons of money and time hoping for a perfect website or digital marketing services to increase their presence in the digital realm.


Still, the truth is far more behind their desires. Zoomio Plus is here to fill this gap and make sure all businesses in Canada have the perfect website and digital marketing strategies they genuinely deserve.


This service is essential for any small or medium-sized business looking to improve, optimize, and grow its operations.


With its experienced team, cutting-edge tools and resources, and data-driven approach, Zoomio Plus provides the insight, guidance, and support businesses need to succeed in today’s competitive marketplace.


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Scanning a Zoomio QR Code can help a business in several ways, including providing customers with easy and instant access to their website or Google My Business page, showcasing their products or services, generating leads and sales, and enhancing the overall customer experience by providing a convenient and engaging way to interact with their brand. 
Zoomio QR Code is an innovative service changing how Canadian businesses reach their customers. With a simple, FREE, and easy-to-use service, Zoomio allows businesses to request a printable QR code sticker that can be placed anywhere on their premises. This sticker directs customers to the business’s Google My Business page, website, or any other related page.
But that’s not all. To make this service even more enticing, we offer a FREE published article in our online magazine, Zoomio Mag, for every business that uses this service. This article allows businesses to share their story and showcase their services to a broader audience and customers.
Also, we add a complete analysis of your business, for instance, your website, Google My Business, Social Media Platform, Digital Marketing Campaigns and much more! You will find these analysis documents in your email address.
Fill out the form below, and within 3-4 business days, a printed QR code sticker will be mailed to the provided address. It also takes the same time for business analysis documents, but you will receive them all at your email address. It’s that simple!



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