Zoomio Business Package

Save Up To $350!

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Zoomio Business Package

Every business deserves a great start, no matter what happens at the end, and that’s why Zoomio designed a new package for both new and existing businesses. This new service, called the “Zoomio Business Package” will provide essential services for new and existing businesses across North America. In addition, this new package price is competitive and will offer several high-quality services. This package includes Google My Business, Meta Business Suit and Starter Package Website. By taking advantage of this offer, you will save $350 and have a fully optimized and reliable Google My Business, Meta Business Suit and a professional website for your business.

Why Zoomio Business Package & Price

After many years of working and growing in the IT & Business industry, we realized that every business needs essential services. So we decided to run an analysis within our organization and clients to see what services are important and most needed in the market. The result was clear; every business needs to be visible in Google Search Results, leading us to Google My Business. Furthermore, businesses should be reachable on Social Media to attract customers and have easy access to manage their social media; therefore, Meta For Business is also essential, and all businesses need a website, and at this moment, Zoomio Business Package emerged into existence.

The primary purpose of introducing this package is that we are looking to help businesses during these unprecedented times, and we are keeping our core values. The total cost of this package is $499. To have all included services separately, the cost will be more than $800, but with this package, you will save around $350!

What Is Inside Package?

We have designed this package entirely relevant to our current services. New package services are:

1) Google My Business (GMB) / Click HERE for more details
2) Meta Business Suite / Click HERE for more details
3) Starter Package Website / Click HERE for more details

By taking advantage of this package, you will save $350 and have all three of our primary services.

Is Zoomio+ Included In This Package?

Not for now. If a client needs Zoomio+ services, they have to signup for Zoomio+ services. To read more about Zoomio+, please click HERE.

How To Get Zoomio Business Package?

As a business, you can click HERE for a FREE Caunslatation or get this package. We are waiting for you!

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1 comment

Jimi November 16, 2022 - 6:44 pm

Fantastic service at a reasonable price. I have tried this package for my restaurant business in downtown Toronto, and I’m super satisfied. Thanks, Zoomio.

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